Fridges That Talk

The Ministry of Health of Haiti was suffering from a compromised supply chain but had no way of managing the collection and distribution of data related to the failures as well as the necessary training and content to address the issues. What started as an opportunity in Haiti, helped create our foundational principles we still live and breathe today.


Humble Beginnings

Our founders, Nathan Mueller, Manvir Sandhu, and Jesse Barker were first brought together at HP where they first implemented Salesforce for an internal project and fell in love with the platform. Soon after, the Zennify founders were introduced to the CDC and Unicef Haiti where they discovered that 50% of vaccines fridges audited had failures, compromising viability.

Manvir, Nathan, and Jesse worked together with the Ministry of Health of Haiti to create “Fridges That Talk” using Salesforce. By leveraging Salesforce cloud, IOT sensor, and simple user experiences, they were able to successfully pilot and prove the concept of leveraging Communities.

This resulted in the WHO changing its approach to vaccine security for the global supply chain and created a national portal with live supply chain data, automated alarms, notifications, training, and management.

This set the stage for Zennify’s mission to “Be the #1 trusted Salesforce solutions partner in the ecosystem.

Setting the Stage

Passion for innovation

Leveraging Salesforce as a solution for impact

Rapid impact (POC/MVP)

Build confidence and earn trust early in the lifecycle – agile iterations

Build for scale

Design and build for seamless data access and self support

Design for adoption

UX – Compelling and ease of use, efficiency gains

Making an Impact

The Objective

The Ministry of Health of Haiti’s main goal was to have their data and content available to a wide network of healthcare providers, NGO’s and hospitals through a secure login.

The Solution

Zennify leveraged Salesforce Communities & Knowledge to create a reporting repository with automatic notifications and alarms. Zennify also integrated mobile, nationwide, near real time integrations.

This resulted in a National portal with live supply chain data, automated alarms, notifications and training & management for successful mitigation of supply chain disruptions. This project resulted in the WHO changing its approach to vaccine security for the global supply chain.