Employee Spotlight: Glen De Marcos

May 06, 2019

What is your position at Zennify and what do you do?

Sr. Salesforce Developer: States possible solutions for a use case and determines the best path forward. Works on the final solution.

How long have you been working with Zennify?

Over a year.

How has Zennify supported you in your career goals?

I am currently on the path to becoming a Salesforce certified application architect. Zennify has been there every step of the way on my path from 1 to 6 certifications (needed for the Salesforce App Architect Title). In addition, leadership has worked closely with me to transition into a Solution Architect role. I'm looking forward to achieving these two goals in 2019.

What has your journey with Zennify looked like?

When I first came in, I was an experienced developer with no Lightning Experience knowledge and little-to-no client interaction experience in software development projects. Upon arriving I had two major takeaways - Learn Lightning Experience and understand many processes in consulting as a Salesforce partner engaging with clients. This also involved learning about standard Salesforce products. During my time at Zennify, my projects have enabled me to learn about Cloud products and have taught me to pay closer attention to Salesforce releases. I've also been fortunate to learn about other technologies outside of Salesforce's ecosystem such as Typescript and Postgresql Databases (moving parts of applications hosted in Heroku).

What’s your favorite part of working for Zennify?

Hands down the company's culture. A relaxed / fun environment where to work, compete and progress while feeling comfortable doing so. Also, Zennify's emphasis on individual growth.

How has Zennify grown since you’ve been here?

I have seen the entire progression of Zennify in Sacramento as a physical location of the Company and it is impressive to see where we are today. The size of the company has increased tremendously and management has tackled every challenge of the way. Our leadership continues to grow and evolve to accomplish success with our clients while driving new business and handling the growth of Zennify internally.

What does your average day look like?

A bunch of calls with the client and with the team. Most of my job is providing direction to all of the developers working on my account, making sure they are clear on what they are building and how it needs to fit in with everything that everyone else is working on.

- Read emails, check teams/slack for fires occurring over night

- Attend meetings.

- Begin tackling current tasks or outstanding items if any.

- Lunch.

- Meetings - continue working on tasks.

- Prepare or list items to be handled the next day.

What advice do you have to other's who are considering a career in this industry?

Trailhead is free so USE IT!