How to start a green team in your own office

Feb 13, 2020

Zennify has an amazing green team called ZennEarth. We are a group of passionate, motivated employees that learn and work together to improve our environmental impact, reduce operating costs, and create a healthier place to live and work. We empower others by educating individuals through ongoing learning campaigns. We make changes in our offices and homes to reduce our environmental impact. We also participate in local volunteer events to clean up our communities.

There are many benefits to starting a green team for both yourself and the company. Your efforts will establish and promote environmentally sustainable practices at work and at home. You will have more opportunities to connect with coworkers across departments, offices, and regions. Having an established green team improves your organization’s reputation and company image brings in more business, helps attract and retain talent and saves the company money. It’s easier than you may think to become a leader and lead change in both your home and work.

Follow these five steps to help get your green team started.

Get others involved

Talk, listen and connect with coworkers to discover other like minded individuals who want to improve the environment. You may be surprised how many of your colleagues are passionate about living sustainably. Start a public group on the organization’s instant messaging platform and invite these individuals. Start sharing ideas on how you can make the office more eco-friendly. Then organize and hold your first green team meeting. Don’t get discouraged if not many people attend, it's okay to start small because the mission is big and interest is still growing.

Create Goals

Start with realistic, short and simple goals. Create a vision, mission and values for your green team and align your goals to these. Since our offices do not offer recycling services, we implemented a recycling program. Employees volunteer to take home a bag of recyclable material at the end of the day. We have greatly reduced the amount of waste we send to landfills, therefore reducing our company’s environmental impact.

Start Communicating, Engaging and Organizing

Start spreading the word about the new green team. Communicate your mission and goals to the entire company. Have a kickoff meeting for everyone at the company to attend. Continually share information about the green team to the entire organization. Educate your workforce by scheduling lunch and learn sessions on different environmental issues. Organize volunteering opportunities like planting trees and river clean-ups. Share photos of these events with all employees to encourage others to get involved.

Get leadership support

Having leadership support your green team will help with engagement and visibility. Identify leaders who are interested and passionate about sustainability and who support your mission. Then setup a meeting with them to pitch your idea. Include your vision, mission and values as well as how a green team will benefit employees and the company. Once you have executive buy-in, make sure to provide them with the next steps they can take to help the team.

Drive adoption and growth

Adoption plays a huge role to make any initiative a success. Continue to raise awareness, recruit new green team members and grow your green team. Here are some ideas to drive adoption:

  • Raise awareness of your green team during new hire onboarding.
  • Reach out to non profit groups to partner with.
  • Partner with other company’s green teams, learn about their challenges and successes and collaborate with them on green initiatives.

Starting a green team at work is rewarding, fun and provides an avenue for employees to connect on similar passions while affecting positive change. Get started on your green team today!


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