Financial Services

It’s time for financial services organizations to become more customer-centric. As innovation raises the customer service bar across all industries, Zennify helps its clients compete—and win—through intelligent, high-touch customer engagement solutions built on the world’s #1 CRM platform.

As a Salesforce Platinum Partner with more than 400 implementations to date, we back our practice with years of experience, broad industry knowledge and deep familiarity with best-in-class financial technologies to help you transform your business and innovate around your most vital asset: your customers.

  • Wealth Management industry experts

    Wealth Management

    To tap into the potential of today’s rapidly changing wealth management market, successful firms must adapt to heightened client expectations, differentiate themselves through customer experience—and embrace the technologies to do so. Financial advisors need the tools to anticipate client demands, deliver proactive advice and increase wallet share. Teams must be empowered to collaborate around valuable customer data—anytime, anywhere, on any device. Advisors require the critical insights to translate leads into high-value relationships and grow their books of business. Zennify’s comprehensive approach helps firms harness the power of integrated technology to meet the demands of today’s smart investors and unlock a wealth of opportunity.

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  • Retail Banking & Credit Unions industry experts

    Retail Banking & Credit Unions

    Banking is about helping customers achieve their life goals. To deliver the comprehensive, personalized financial solutions clients need, banks must break down silos, uniting disconnected systems and processes to create a complete view of customers. By offering elevated digital experiences and frictionless service, institutions can activate customer relationships and edge out the competition. By streamlining slow, complex processes and driving collaboration, they can supercharge the productivity of bankers, loan officers, service representatives and other team members. Zennify solutions for banking help you place the customer at the center of every interaction—and open a vault of loyalty and wallet share.

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  • Insurance industry experts


    Strong insurance policies are built on strong relationships. To forge them, providers must be armed with complete, panoramic views of policyholders and powerful insights into coverage, claims, household relationships, life events and more. Agents and representatives must be equipped to provide the seamless, intuitive interactions customers desire and the personalized service they demand—anytime, across any channel. Zennify insurance solutions help providers revolutionize the customer, agent and service rep experience by unifying systems and transforming data into meaningful engagement. And with features and workflows built specifically for personal and commercial lines of property, casualty, life and annuities, we help you boost productivity and focus on what matters most: building partnerships that last a lifetime.

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  • Mortgage industry experts


    Buying a home is one of the most exciting milestones in a person’s life—and potentially one of the most stressful. Homebuyers today are seeking rich, seamless digital mortgage experiences and anytime, anywhere engagement (not endless paperwork). Zennify mortgage solutions reinvent every aspect of the mortgage process, connecting borrowers, real estate agents, brokers and lenders to create a single, effortless home buying journey. Let us help you unify your systems, data and processes on a single platform with a 360-degree view of each borrower, so you can give customers what they truly want: a personalized, hassle-free experience… and the keys to their new home.

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  • Agricultural Banking industry experts

    Agricultural Banking

    To feed our country—and grow their own futures—farmers and ranchers need highly-specialized banking service and support. Through customized solutions ranging from Farm Service Agency (FSA) loans to crop insurance, agricultural banks and credit associations help these unique clients meet head-on the challenges they face year ‘round. Zennify’s dedicated team of ag banking experts understands the nuances of this vital industry, and will help your institution cater to its demands by unifying data and systems, unlocking powerful business insights and digitally transforming your business. Paired with best-in-class partner apps and technologies, our Salesforce-centric customer engagement solutions will empower you to deliver personalized, next-level care to your farming and ranching clients—and together, sow the seeds of success.

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