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Whether you work in the Farm Credit System or for a conventional bank with an Ag focus, Zennify has the Ag-focused team to help you take care of the farmers feeding America.

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As Mark Twain once said, they aren’t making any more land. Agricultural banks know firsthand the challenges that America’s farmers and ranchers face every day. To feed our country and maintain stability in hard times, this unique set of customers—on their finite pieces of land—need customized, personalized solutions, services and support.

Ag banking is a highly specialized industry that is founded on strong personal relationships. Whether your institution is in the Farm Credit System or is a conventional bank with an agricultural focus, it’s critical to work with a technology team that understands the specific goals and challenges of the ag banking industry.

Zennify is Salesforce’s fastest-growing financial services partner in the United States, and the only one with a dedicated ag banking practice. Our ag-focused team of specialists has a deep understanding of the nuances of the sector and is matchlessly equipped to help your institution support the farmers and ranchers who serve America.

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Best practices founded in experience

Many ag banks and Agricultural Credit Associations (ACAs) today are working through digital transformations—or considering one in the near future. Zennify is here to help you create a clear roadmap to effectively transform your business, streamline operations and enable you to focus on what matters most: your customers.

With extensive industry expertise and sound knowledge of best practices (gained from implementations at institutions like yours), our team of experts has the experience to guide you on your journey. We understand exactly what ag banks need to succeed—whether it be ag-centric customer portals, CRM-integrated plot-mapping functionality, mass customer communication capabilities or sophisticated loan origination systems (LOS).

Not sure where to begin your digital transformation? We can help. Zennify is a partner you can trust to make technology change manageable for your business. Our powerhouse consultants will learn your organization from the inside out to understand your operations, processes, tools and systems. We combine our industry know-how, blueprints for success and proven methodologies to develop effective, comprehensive solutions to meet your business goals, optimize your technology stack and speed ROI. Plus, we are familiar with the CRM, middleware, LOS and e-signature technologies like Docusign, you already use. As your trusted implementation partner, we’ll work side-by-side with you to envision, plan and build a fully-integrated ag banking engagement platform—and give you the tools and training to manage change and make it a success.

Salesforce for Ag Banking

Salesforce: A powerful platform for Ag Banking

Zennify’s approach leverages leading CRM technology based on Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, paired with best-in-class financial services applications, and backed by years of experience and broad industry knowledge. Our transformative solutions have helped numerous ag banks and credit associations build on the power of the Salesforce foundation to deliver better experiences, tools, and services for customers and employees alike.

Zennify is the go-to Ag Banking Salesforce partner

Zennify integrates Financial Services Cloud with other core technology systems, creating a single pane of glass that enables ag banking institutions to:

  • Connect with customers across their preferred channel—any time, for any reason, from reminding them of changes to crop insurance to congratulating them on a great start to the season
  • Enable representatives to keep track of customer conversations and touchpoints directly from their phone, even when they’re on site with customers
  • Empower executive teams and relationship managers to easily view and manage pipeline, never missing a critical moment to connect and build trust with ag customers
  • Identify opportunities by territory, manage lead referrals and seamlessly assign prospects to loan officers through quick, intuitive dashboards
  • Utilize business insights and automated, self-informed processes to create farmer and rancher journeys, deliver the right marketing and educational messages to the right customers at the right time—and ultimately grow relationship value
  • Take advantage of best-in-class partner tools from the powerful Salesforce App Exchange, seamlessly integrating them into your systems and data. For example, you can streamline and digitize loan processes with nCino, or see where your customers are—plus the ones you are missing—using MapAnything.
nCino for Ag Banking

nCino: Modernized lending for ag clients

The Farm Credit System involves a complex and increasingly regulated structure. Adopting the right technologies can help your institution face these challenges head-on by streamlining the lending process, easing the burden of compliance and strengthening customer relationships.

Zennify can help you remove the friction of complicated lending procedures and improve both customer and employee experience by implementing nCino’s best-in-class lending solution. nCino’s powerful feature set includes syndications and participations, collateral management, automated decision-making, as well as covenant and document management. These unique capabilities allow your ag banking institution to effectively manage complex lending transactions, dramatically increase customer transparency, reduce loan turnaround times and ultimately, deliver better client experiences.

Harvest Fest Ag Banking

HarvestFest Event Recap

Recently, Zennify, Salesforce, and DocuSign gathered with Ag Finance leaders from 28 institutions for HarvestFest 2020, a Dreamforce to You event. Ag Finance, like most industries, is going through a big shift. For decades, Ag Finance has relied on interpersonal relationships for loan and insurance decisions. But as factors like climate change, shifting consumer preferences, and sustainability gain more focus, the Ag Finance industry has been forced to change, and digital strategy has been a cornerstone for growth.

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