Zennify understands that the key to maximizing customer engagement lies in integrating disconnected data, systems, tools, processes and people, and uniting them to create comprehensive technology ecosystems that unlock powerful business insights.

Retail Banking and Credit Union customer engagment

Our approach leverages leading CRM technology based on Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, paired with best-in-class financial services applications, and backed by years of experience and broad industry knowledge. Zennify’s transformative solutions have helped numerous retail, wholesale and correspondent mortgage providers implement digital-first platforms that connect existing systems and orchestrate borrowers, real estate agents, brokers and lenders for a truly customer-centric home buying experience.

Zennify integrates Financial Services Cloud with other core financial technology systems, creating a single pane of glass that enables mortgage providers to:

Reinvent customer experiences across the complete mortgage lifecycle
Activate borrower relationships and grow your business
Drive collaboration, productivity and compliance across all lines of business
Improve relationships in the mortgage industry

Reinvent customer experiences across the complete mortgage lifecycle

  • Deliver personalized, one-to-one journeys throughout the entire mortgage process, featuring high-touch communications across any device—and visibility, accountability and trackability for borrowers and lenders alike
  • Drive loyalty and engagement by offering intelligent, next-level digital experiences such as intuitive self-service portals and branded apps
  • Streamline the mortgage process—from point of interest to underwriting—through real-time collaboration, automated workflows and the elimination of manual tasks
Mortgage solutions using Salesforce

Activate borrower relationships and grow your business

  • Transform client data into actionable insights to anticipate borrower needs and deliver the personalized attention they expect, with customized, contextual offerings that build relationship value
  • Grow your business by holistically managing leads and referrals across your entire stakeholder ecosystem with enterprise-grade referral management capabilities for all lines of business
  • Track and visualize accounts, goals, life events and key relationships—within and across clients, households and networks—and deliver timely advice and insights to engage, nurture and build trust with buyers at every stage of the mortgage process
Retail Banking and Credit Union Technology

Drive collaboration, productivity and compliance across all lines of business

  • Boost efficiency and productivity for all stakeholders by automating slow, manual, document-heavy processes
  • Enhance collaboration, visibility and trust with omni-channel portals and online communities that connect loan officers, borrowers, brokers, real estate agents and others throughout the entire mortgage lifecycle
  • Ensure compliance and manage risk by consolidating and tracking loan officer and borrower activity in one place, creating a single, unambiguous record that adheres to regulations and guidelines
  • Instill innovation and agility by enabling partners to rapidly build secure, engaging apps that streamline processes, speed time-to-value and enhance customer experience
Why choose Zennify as your Salesforce consultant

As a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner, Zennify draws on its deep understanding of industry best practices and familiarity with widely used technologies to help mortgage providers create intelligent, high-touch customer engagement platforms.

At the core of Zennify’s approach lies Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, built on the world’s number one CRM platform, reimagined for mortgage providers and enabling them to put borrowers at the center of every interaction. Financial Services Cloud aggregates data such as accounts, goals, relationships, interactions, life events and more into a 360-degree view of every client and household—paired with powerful analytic tools for mortgage providers.