Retail Banking & Credit Unions

Banking and lending has entered the digital age. Customers expect smooth, seamless interactions across any channel, anytime, anywhere.

Salesforce Partner

Convenience drives satisfaction, and customer engagement is king. Zennify understands that the secret to boosting this engagement lies in integrating disconnected data systems, tools, processes and people, and bringing them together to create comprehensive technology ecosystems that unleash powerful business insight.

Our transformative approach leverages our expertise in helping you build your technology roadmap. With our partnerships and experience across banking technology, Zennify uses this knowledge to help you optimize your technology stack and streamline for the future.

Salesforce Financial Services for Banking

Using leading CRM technology based on Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, coupled with best-in-class financial services applications such as MuleSoft, nCino, and Symitar, and backed by years of experience and broad industry knowledge, we have the right mix to advise and implement your technology vision.

As a Financial Services Consulting Partner, Zennify draws on its deep understanding of industry best practices and deep familiarity with widely-used technologies to help retail banks and credit unions create intelligent, high-touch customer engagement platforms.

Financial Services Cloud for Retail Banking and Credit Unions

At the heart of Zennify’s approach is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, built on the world’s number one CRM platform, reimagined for banking and lending institutions and enabling them to put customers at the center of every interaction. Financial Services Cloud aggregates data such as financial accounts, goals, relationships, interactions, life events and more into a 360-degree view of every client and household—paired with powerful analytic tools for all lines of business.

Zennify integrates Financial Services Cloud with other core financial technology systems, creating a single pane of glass that enables financial institutions to:

Rapid impact (POC/MVP)
Activate customer relationships
Elevate digital experiences and customer service
Drive collaboration and productivity across all lines of business
Retail Banking and Credit Union customer engagment

Activate customer relationships

  • Connect systems, processes and people to create a panoramic view of customers and households, across both their personal and professional lives
  • Track and visualize financial accounts, goals, life events and key relationships—within and across clients, households and networks—to identify what matters most to customers, earning loyalty and building trust over time
  • Transform client data into actionable automated insights so bankers and loan officers can anticipate their needs and deliver the personalized attention they expect—on any device—as well as customized, contextual financial offerings that build relationship value
FSC for Retail Banking and Credit Unions

Elevate digital experiences and customer service

  • Unify and amplify service touch points across branches, contact centers, digital banking channels and more to up-level and personalize every customer interaction
  • Drive loyalty and engagement—and differentiate your institution from the competition—by offering intelligent, next-level digital experiences such as intuitive self-service portals and branded apps
  • Streamline client onboarding through real-time collaboration, automated workflows and the elimination of manual processes
Retail Banking and Credit Union Technology

Drive collaboration and productivity across all lines of business

  • Unify front, middle and back offices across business functions and geographies, empowering teams to collaboratively focus on customer needs
  • Do away with manual procedures and improve the efficiency of sales, service and operational activities with seamless processes powered by time-saving automation and guided workflows
  • Enable bankers and lenders to source and prioritize referrals across lines of business, identifying and growing the most profitable relationships
  • Put artificial intelligence to work, helping team members work smarter and faster through immediate insights, recommended actions, tailored task lists and more
  • Leverage intelligent automation to market more effectively and focus on strategies with the highest payoffs
    • Streamline analytics and reporting with out of the box dashboards and reporting available for Retail Banks and Credit Unions that align to your SLAs and give you deep insight into your business.
    • Supercharge marketing using marketing cloud automated customer journeys across any channel.
    • Engage with your customers on social to identify key issues and talk tracks and keep own your brand and image online.