Health and Life Sciences

At Zennify, we know health and life sciences. In fact, it’s where we got our start. Zennify was born when our founders came together to secure and streamline the Haiti Ministry of Health’s critical vaccine supply chain using the Salesforce platform. This powerful solution was highlighted by the CDC and UNICEF and ultimately impacted remote monitoring standards around the globe.

HLS Salesforce Consultants

We combine our deep-rooted industry experience with expert knowledge of the Salesforce platform to deliver transformative, impactful solutions for the health and life sciences sector.

  • Health Cloud for Healthcare

    Health Cloud

    Put patients at the heart of every decision. Salesforce Health Cloud delivers a 360-degree view of each patient, member and customer—connected throughout your healthcare community. Zennify will give you the tools to unify and securely share information across the caregiving team—anytime, on any device—to create stronger relationships, closer collaboration and improved patient outcomes.

  • Service and Sales Cloud for healthcare

    Sales & Service Cloud

    Promote consumer-driven healthcare through next-level sales and service. Zennify can bring your data and systems together onto a single, powerful platform—featuring a panoramic view of every patient and member—and automate your processes to supercharge productivity. Together, we can accelerate acquisition, enrollment, service and innovation—so your team can focus on what matters most: patients and members.

  • Salesforce communities for healthcare


    Collaboration is the heart of patient care. Salesforce Communities gives care coordinators, physicians, patients and caregivers an easy way to interact—whenever, wherever. Zennify will help you envision and build private patient or member communities that foster frictionless connections and improve collaboration within patient care teams through rich, CRM-powered portals, forums sites and mobile apps.

  • MuleSoft for healthcare


    Create a seamless patient experience and achieve new standards of value-based care. Using Mulesoft Anypoint Platform, Zennify will integrate your clinical and non-clinical platforms, optimize practice workflows and automate processes. By ensuring that providers have the latest patient data in real time—no matter where it resides—you can create connected patient journeys, improve staff efficiency and ultimately, boost your quality of care.

  • Marketing & Commerce Cloud for healthcare

    Marketing & Commerce Cloud

    Whether you’re a provider, payer, pharmaceutical company or MedTech operation, Zennify can help you build a world-class digital marketing platform that fosters meaningful interactions with key constituents. Leverage powerful analytics to understand patient and member wants and needs, and personalize campaigns and solutions to meet them. Automate tasks to boost productivity, focus on strategies with the most potential—and drive impact with every interaction.

  • Salesforce Shield for healthcare


    Take action to protect and secure patient data before a threat becomes an incident. Salesforce Shield, in conjunction with Einstein Analytics, delivers an added layer of control and protection for sensitive data and Personal Health Information (PHI). Zennify will help you implement Shield to boost security, ensure compliance and improve governance—for a new level of safety and trust.

Zennify integrates Health Cloud with other core systems to create scalable, impactful health and life sciences solutions. We are experts in


Unify data for seamless experiences


Create connected care journeys

Mobile/Web UX

Deliver effortless access from any device


Power collaborative care

Experience across all healthcare disciplines

  • Salesforce consultants for healthcare providers


    Care for the person behind the patient. Zennify will equip you to engage patients and collaborate across your complete healthcare community, from care coordinators to service agents to family members—on any device. By bringing together EHR data, treatment plans, patient preferences and more, you can improve outcomes and deliver the personal, targeted care experience that patients deserve.

  • Salesforce consultants for healthcare medtech & diagnostics

    MedTech & Diagnostics

    Innovate through insight. Zennify will unite your systems, processes and people to power collaboration throughout your full ecosystem. By turning valuable data into actionable insights, you’ll be able to connect patients, physicians and partners in a whole new way, get life-saving products to market faster—and revolutionize patient care.

  • Salesforce consultants for healthcare payers


    Build trust with every member. Health Cloud lets you partner productively with members along their entire healthcare journey, from acquisition and onboarding through engagement and retention. Zennify will help you customize care, speed authorization requests and promote collaboration—to deliver the kind of personalized service and seamless experiences that forge relationships that last for life.

  • Salesforce consultants for healthcare pharmaceuticals


    Whether you’re enrolling patients or building therapy-specific services at scale, Zennify will create a streamlined engagement platform to unify people, data and processes throughout your network. Our solutions will enable you to reduce complexity, drive business-wide innovation, bring new products to market faster—and maximize the impact of every patient support program.


Our work in HLS

Crush the Curve Idaho (CTCI) is an organization that was formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Zennify executives and strategy team worked closely with Medical Network Solutions and CTCI to deeply understand their goals and helped to architect a Salesforce-led solution that would meet their needs. It was important to build something flexible enough to adapt to the constantly changing needs of a global pandemic.

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