MuleSoft Services to Streamline your Technology

As a MuleSoft consulting partner and a Salesforce Platinum Partner, Zennify helps clients address on-premises, cloud, and hybrid integration use cases to scale with ease.

Mule Soft Services to Streamline your Technology

When applications and data sources are connected, the possibilities are limitless. Zennify offers a full suite of strategy, consulting, architecture, integration, development, and training services for MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, the engine for digital transformation built to enable innovation with API-led integration. Our certified resources bring the experience of hundreds of projects, a library of best practices and accelerators, deep industry expertise, and creative thinking to all projects to make sure you get results.

MuleSoft enables you to

Ensure automated security and threat protection at every layer

Run easily to any cloud and on-premises with a single runtime

Gain real-time visibility and govern APIs and integrations from one interface

Design and build APIs and integrations at lightning speed

Jumpstart projects with a single marketplace for APIs and integration assets

Rest API Tool

MuleSoft Accelerator REST API Sync Utility

  • Configurable Integration Mapping: Configure REST API integrations using custom metadata records to map objects without code
  • Real-Time or Batch Integration: Easily replicate data from external systems upon record open or when a batch job is ran
  • Visualize External Data: Includes a component to visualize data from external systems in a table format in real time upon record open
  • Avoid API Call Limits: Utilizes outbound call outs to refresh data instead of external systems pushing data in so API call limits are avoided
Financial Services Mule Soft Expertise

Financial Services MuleSoft Expertise

Zennify has deep experience in the Financial Services sector. We empower banks and credit unions by equipping them with access to their data and true transparency across their organizations. Our robust and repeatable integration experience streamlines implementations as we employ our Banking Core and Banking Technology accelerators.