Small changes make a big impact

ZennEarth is an internal program that empowers our employees to support and promote meaningful sustainability initiatives.



ZennEarth is a group of passionate, motivated employees that learn and work together to improve Zennify's environmental impact, reduce operating costs, and create a healthier place to live and work.


You can start small

Some of our favorite ways to support sustainable living are:

  • Recycle more
  • Reduce food waste
  • Limit single-use plastics
  • Volunteer at community cleanups
  • Utilize Zennify rideshare, our internal carpooling initiative
  • Promote Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs

Monthly ZennEarth Blog

Plant-based diets are growing in popularity around the globe. To help fight climate change, many people are choosing to limit their consumption of meat—or eradicate it from their diet entirely. It’s an often-overlooked fact that human consumption of animal-based foods negatively impacts our planet in critical ways. Through their waste, farm animals emit destructive greenhouse gases, and animal agriculture places a heavy strain on many of the Earth’s precious resources such as land, water and energy. Fortunately, a shift towards plant-based diets offers a solution, and it’s never been easier to find vegetarian and vegan alternatives to animal food products. Learn more, find out how you can join the plant-based movement—and start making a local impact on a global problem today.

Plant-Based Foods for Planet-Based Health