Financial Services

Zennify is Salesforce’s fastest growing Financial Services Partner.

Leveraging the innovation, performance, and security of the world’s leading CRM solution, we are utilizing Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud to deliver meaningful change to organizations across the country.

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    Wealth Management

    Integrate your financial planning applications, portfolio management, and do more with your data. Let’s automate the basics so you can spend more time with your current clients and have room to add a few more. Build stronger relationships with your clients in a meaningful and more personalized view of individuals and households. By integrating more core portfolio management data and financial planning applications, our wealth management solutions will ease the onboarding process and mobilize your advisor team with critical, comprehensive and holistic insights to better serve their clients and their financial future.

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    Banking & Lending

    Times are changing and so are people’s expectations of banking. From fraud prevention to winning new service lines with customers you rarely see, we have a team working on that. Let’s make sure banking and lending stays personal. Financial Services Cloud brings an element to banking and lending that addresses the lack of a comprehensive view of clients and members, their accounts, and loans that have plagued the banking industry. By integrating Core Banking and other disparate customer data service applications into one source of truth, Banks and Credit Unions can keep their relationships and interactions authentic and personal.

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    It’s time to have a smarter system, one that identifies cross-sell opportunities and other key functions like pipeline management, renewals, contracts and other basic communications. Let’s integrate and get that data working for you. Streamline the insurance business lifecycle with full transparency and a cohesive hub that keeps brokers, agents, and carries in the loop through all cycles including new business, onboarding, automated renewals, claims, and contracts. Create technological mediums for clients to engage with their agents, brokers and carriers utilizing multiple Salesforce tools to make something once overwhelming, easy and inviting.

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    Web Development

    Additional applications are often desired to complete and streamline processes either on the front end or the back end of solutions. Our dedicated team of experts are experienced perfecting the interaction of front end usability with backend functionality across web applications interacting with FinTech solutions. Our team prides themselves in their expertise across multiple platforms including React, Java, Heroku, Node.js, .Net and other web dev and application tools to deliver innovative FinTech Solutions in conjunction or independent of your Salesforce solutions.